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all about dubai ejari services the online registration process

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Dubai is one of the fastest evolving and growing cities in the world. It has emerged to be a city of enchanting architecture, business, and increasing real-estate value. Dubai is renowned for its real-estate business investments. It is a place with many tourist attractions and policies that charm expatriates to work in the country and to become residents. 

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What is Ejari’s main purpose in Dubai?

Dubai has a great number of occupants. It is one of the greatest populated cities. Dubai is the hub for the expatriate and tourist population.

In Dubai, a person living as a resident or expatriate has to have a house to live in. Not all can  buy a house in Dubai as it is the most luxurious and sky-high in price

It is cost-effective and economical to rent a house or any shelter rather than purchasing a property. Dubai’s RERA launched Ejari for renting out the property and registering it online.

Ejari Dubai’s online rental registration

Dubai has launched and initiated a system called Ejari. It translates into “my rent” in the Arabic language. The Dubai government has a Real Estate and Regulatory Agency (RERA) that takes care of Ejari.

According to the government of Dubai and the law, every contract for renting a property in Dubai should be registered online using Ejari. The Ejari portal is a very important step to register the property in Dubai for renting it.

What does the Eajari of Dubai do?

The government of Dubai announced that all the contracts prior to leasing a private property in Dubai should be made according to the rules and format laid out by it.

  • 'Ejari online' service or the tenancy contract functions as proof of renting it and creating clarity.
  • Ejari online is the official proof of the cost of renting out a property in Dubai.
  • After the contract for the tenants is made, the contract is entered into the online Ejari system. The owner of the property and the one with who is renting it out derive a unique Ejari number.
  • The Unique Ejari Number is very important for attaining current, water, web connection, and mobile connections.

What are the benefits of using the Ejari portal of Dubai?

  1. EJARI online registration has all the formal information of all the properties that are rented out in Dubai.
  2. The unique EJARI number is beneficial for the people who use the rental property as the owners cannot make an exorbitant raise in the custom when one has to renew the contract.
  3. The rent receipts will be standard when you use Ejari for online registration of renting the property.
  4. Ejari, the online registration of the rental services in Dubai can protect the rights of both the owners and the people who take the property on a lease (tenants).
  5. It acts as a transaction audit of all the transactions between the tenant and the property owner.
  6. It will also help the people solve any disputes between the tenant and the owner.
  7. Ejari helps to regulate the costs of rental services by monitoring through online registration.
  8. It also helps the government of Dubai and the people finding rental services to understand the real picture of the properties and the rental market.
  9. It also secures the rights of the property owners of Dubai to save the details about the property and the tenant.
  10. Every contact with the tenants is registered with RERA.
  11. These online registrations with the EJARI will make sure that everyone fulfils and acts according to the contract.

What is the vision and mission of the Ejari- Dubai?

Registration of the rental services online through Ejari was proposed by the government of Dubai as it aims to make Dubai as the best destination for real estate. It reaches the aim of fostering trust, contentment, and creation.

Ejari is on a mission to promote the real estate of Dubai by providing smart services, co-ordinated real estate ordinances, and executive individual and monetary resources.

The online registration process for Ejari services

One can do the 'Ejari registration' process offline also at the centres accepted by the Dubai government. These offices are not open all day and every day. The offline Ejari registration Dubai price is AED (United Arab Emirates Dirhams) 215 and an additional five per cent of VAT (Value Added Tax).

The Ejari registration online process services are:

  1. Uploading one’s documents asked on the Ejari website.
  2. One can submit notes if desired.
  3. One also has to enter the captcha code and click to “continue”.
  4. One can pay the registration fees online after entering all the details and clicking on the “Pay Now” option.
  5. Wait for a few hours. Your contract will be registered and a copy will be sent to you through email.
  6. If the process of registration takes more than six hours, one can get a complete refund. An individual can register online through the Ejari portal.

What are the necessary documents for the Ejari online registration process

  • Copy of the passport of the tenant
  • UAE visa of the tenant
  • Emirates ID of the tenant
  • Contract of the lease
  • Title deeds of the property
  • Recent bills or the connection receipt
  • Passport of the owner of the property
  • Trade license if it is a commercial property.

How much should one pay as fees for the online Dubai Ejari service?

One has to pay AED 170 with five per cent VAT.

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