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Dubai is an awesome city that enchants the whole world and attracts people of all cultures and backgrounds. It is a city with many tourists and expatriate residents. This population migrating and living in Dubai for a few years has increased tremendously with the spurt in development in the last twenty years or two decades.

The city has strict rules for the people who live in and visit. These rules and strict punishments are sentenced to make sure that people do not commit any offences. This is the main reason why the city and the country UAE (United Arab Emirates) have a fewer number of crimes. 

This luxurious city and the uncompromising Dubai government have laid out imperative procedures and instructions for everything that is done. 

What are the Document Attestation Services of Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the most distinguished country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) province. This city especially has an extraordinary employment network and opportunities that bring employees and employers together.

Before going to the city for employment one’s educational and non-educational documents should be attested. Attestation is done to prove the authenticity of any document. The Dubai government asks for the attestation of these documents for employment and education.

What are the steps of Dubai document attestation?

There are a few steps that the government and the applicant need to obey. They are:

  1. Notary attestation: The government-appointed officials of the applicants’ nation attest to the produced documents.
  2. HRD attestation: HRD is the procedure of authentication of all the scholastic documents. The state HRD department of the applicants country attests these documents from where the educational certificate is received.
  3. MEA attestation: The Ministry of External Affairs requests the applicant that the documents be formally attested by either the HRD or notary officers. Then, MEA stamps for approval. 
  4. Embassy attestation: Embassy usually examines if the document is attested thoroughly by the notary, HRD, and MEA departments. It then approves by stamping on it. This warrants the genuineness of the documents to the employer or the government. When an individual wish to go to the UAE, they check for the embassy attestation on all the documents.
  5. MOFA attestation: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs" exists in the UAE. One’s documents are mailed to the country or city. These are substantiated and returned.

It is suggested that the person finishes all these steps of attestation before applying for a Dubai Visa or before you go to the UAE. MOFA attestation is compulsory to apply Dubai visa. There are a few companies that provide the services of attesting your documents. 

Would you like to go to Dubai and apply for a visa? If you have completed the above process of attestation, navigate to Dubai  E  Visa Online and you will be assured that your visa application will be approved. The website has helped many people obtain a visa without fail even during the pandemic after it was allowed!

Document Attestation Services

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) of the UAE government bestows all the attestation services in the country for almost every document like marriage certificates, divorce certificates, health certificates, employment or experience certificates, conduct certificates, etc. The service procedures for the attestation of the document are:

  • Registration: One has to navigate to the MoFAIC web page and register.  One will have to provide all the details as asked by entering in the allotted area.
  • Application for attesting documents: A person has to fill all the details and affix a copy of the document and select where the attestation should be done according to the type of the document. 
  •  Reviewing application: The embassy or the Customer Happiness Centers in the UAE. If these centres deem the application as relevant and accurate, the approval is sent to the customer. After this, the customer or the applicant has to complete the process of payment. 
  • Fee payment: After the information is accepted, one has to login to the web page of MoFAIC by providing the username and password. As one login he or she has to click “My Tasks”, and pay.
  •  Receive the attested documents: After the process of payment, one can visit the embassy or the Customer Happiness Center in the UAE for attesting the authentic document, and the same is given to the customer or applicant. 

This process for the document attestation services are accessible for the residents, nationals, people investing in the country or the city, and tourists. The fees for the document attestation services by the government of UAE range from AED 150 TO AED 2000 based on the type of certificate. 

What are the advantages of procuring document attestation services in Dubai?

  • The document attestation will make one legally secure: Once a person receives the services of the attestation, he or she will not have any problem legally concerning the certificates or documents. These will act as a proof for everything that one submits. 
  • Makes it effortless to have a residence and all other services: After the document attestation service of the UAE is done, all other processes and facilities like visa and education are effortless to obtain. 
  • One will not be punished or asked questions: The government of the country and the city are very strict. One will not be punished or asked about the purpose after the attestation. People who go to the country as dependents do not have to suffer to get into or leave the country after one avail of the document attestation services.
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