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all about diving in fujairah from dubai in 2024

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Dubai is known for its different activities for recreation and entertainment. It can satisfy the interests of every kind of person with all different tastes. No one will feel like the odd one out in this amazing city, as everyone will find things to do. 

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If one has to travel to Dubai during the COVID-19 pandemic, click here to read about how to safely travel to the city now!

How long does it take to go from Dubai to Fujairah? 

It takes 1 hour and 17 minutes to reach Fujairah from the city by road. The distance by road is 117.85 kilometres. It is a little cooler than the city, comparatively. Fujairah is most celebrated for its diving centres, which are present near the prestigious city. One can dive in this place, which has a variety of landscapes with rough mountains and farmlands. 

Diving in Fujairah from Dubai in 2024:

People who like to explore the underwater world show a keen interest in diving in this beautiful place. There are several enchanting diving spots in the area, like the “Artificial Reef," “Inchcape 2," “hole in the wall," “Three Rocks," “Dibba Rock," “Martini Bay," “Shams Rock," and “Martini Rock.”.

 Various packages provide visitors with the best kind of diving experience. One can view beautiful schools of fish, turtles, and varieties of sea animals. 

The enchanting scenes of diving will include more than 930 species of fish, “whale sharks," “sea horses," “marine snakes," and "turtles.”. The fish are of various shapes, colours, and sizes. The plant life is healthy and vibrant. 

The different packages of the diving activity are: 

1. Night diving with full equipment:

Professional Associates of Diving Instructors certification is needed to take part in this activity.  An individual taking part in this dive can experience the warm water of the “Gulf of Oman” and the “Arabian Sea.”. All the scuba diving gear is given to a person, except the torch. This experience will cost AED (United Arab Emirates dirhams) 289.

2. Night diving with only a tank and weights:

It is similar to night diving but does not include any other scuba diving gear. It costs a person about AED 236.

3. Day diving in Dubai with full equipment:

One will have to take a boat ride to any of the diving spots. He or she can dive in the water and look at the enchanting sea life! All the diving gear needed will be provided. It will cost a person AED 289. To enjoy this diving activity, one needs to have a PADI certificate.

4. Day scuba dive with tank and weights:

This will cost a person AED 236. One can dive into the water and enjoy this activity with only a tank and weights. 

5. Two scuba dives with complete gear:

One has to cost AED 420. The individual can enjoy two boat rides and the best scuba diving in Fujairah. One needs to have a PADI certification in the open waters. It begins at 9 a.m. and concludes by 3:30 p.m. The person can dive into two diving spots. 

6. Two scuba dives with tanks and weights:

This package of Fujairah scuba diving costs AED 367. “Shark Rock” and “Snoopy Island” are the popular diving spots in this package. All these tours are famous, and one can book a single dive, a double, or even a combination of these packages. For these diving packages, one has to travel to reach the boats in vans or buses (shuttles).

Precautions are taken by the UAE government during COVID-19 for diving:

  • The government measures the temperatures of all the people who come to participate in the diving.
  • While transferring people to the diving spots in the boats, people of half the capacity of the boats travel.
  • Generally, the capacity of the boat is up to fourteen people. Nowadays, the boats only carry seven people. 
  • Masks are worn by the passengers on the boat.
  • The visitor has to declare on a note that he or she does not have COVID-19.

Other places to go to in Fujairah?:

This place in the vicinity of Dubai is very prominent for its scuba diving spots. There are a range of attractions for tourists. The top three sites that one should never miss are:

  1. Fujairah Fort: This is an old fort with a beautiful structure. It is made of mud and rock. It will leave a person feeling like they are in an ancient world.
  2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque: It is the largest mosque after the mosque in Abu Dhabi. It is a great mosque. It has enchanting sixty-four domes covered in a large area. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an assembly of marble and granite. At night, when it is lit, it becomes the most beautiful scene in Fujairah. This amazing structure is free to enter for people of every age.
  3. Fujairah Museum: The entry fee to monitor and delve into the past of the city is AED 5 for an adult and AED 1 for a child. One can take a look at the exhibits from the sites of Bithana and Quidfa, which are nearly 4,500 years old.
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