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Dubai Expo 2021 Location

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Expo 2021 will provide you with a peek into an exciting experience. During our world's largest exposition, you will be able to see our projects, partners, attractions, pavilions, events, and news.

Dubai is a dream come true. This is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do. We propose that you make the Emirate your next travel destination.

Among the many events taking place in Dubai in 2021, there will be the World's Fair. The World's Fair celebrates human achievements as well as the overall remarkable achievements of people around the world.

The World's Fair has been formally postponed from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 due to the current coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

The World Expo, dubbed World Expo 2020, was initially intended to take place in 2020. Participants and participants decided to postpone it until 2021 to guarantee security during this uncertain time.

The United Arab Emirates has developed a worldwide reputation in recent decades. He flung wide the door to the rest of the world. The Emirate of Dubai, in particular, has developed into a global economic hub.

It is currently projected to become a hub of invention and creativity as it grows into a commercial centre. The Dubai World Expo will establish the city as a destination for celebrating creativity and innovation.

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If you've made up your mind and are ready to purchase Expo tickets, you'll need to know the following:


  • The first World Expo will be held in 2021 in the MESA region, which includes the Middle East and Africa.
  • With individuals from over 190 nations expected to attend, this region will host the largest gathering ever.
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is hosting Expo 2021. It will undoubtedly be the world's most spectacular spectacle, presented by Dubai.
  • Dubai expo 2021 advertisement has been spread effectively and a large no. of participation vouch for this.
  • This is a worldwide event that celebrates human genius and brings individuals from all around the world together.
  • Dubai expo 2021 careers have a bright scope which includes investment for the startups as well.
  • We've all gathered to see world-class science, technology, art, and culture, as well as creativity and ingenuity.
  • Dubai expo 2021 corona guidelines are provided at the official website.


After the Covid-19 pandemic, Expo 2021 has taken on the post-pandemic task of helping shape the new world. To account for the current situation, the Bureau International Expositions (BIE) is postponing the World Expo by one year.

They chose the new dates so that participants may safely travel from all over the world, and they can expect for a total recovery of the pandemic situation until then.

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The following are the updated dates for this worldwide extravaganza:

From October 1, 2021, until March 31, 2022


The expo will be spread out across a length of 4.38 kilometres.

Location: Near Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South.

Expo 2021 will be held in the Emirate of Dubai's southern region. The Al Maktoum International Airport is close by. From Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, and Abu Dhabi's cruise terminal, the exposition is conveniently accessible.

It should be possible to drive to the Expo in 40 minutes if you are in downtown Dubai. The Dubai Metro will also extend its route to the World's Fair, providing direct access to the event.


"Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" is the theme of the 2021 World Expo.

Choosing a subject for a world-class event takes a great deal of thinking. We build the future by linking minds.

This is a fundamental meaning for how we educate the entire globe, how we teach people what is good and bad. How can we link and unify such brains in the direction of the future? Because we hold the key to the future.


Expo Village 2021 will accommodate you if you wish to participate in Expo 2021 or work as a staff member.

As a visitor, you have the freedom to stay wherever you choose in Dubai. We recommend staying in Dubai's city centre or in the south of the city if you want to be near to everything.

Purchase Tickets

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The subthemes are chosen with care, with the primary subject centering around the notion of creating a better future.

The following sub-themes were introduced, keeping in mind the direction in which the world is heading and our vision for the future:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Mobility
  3. Opportunity


The World Expo 2021 bidding process began in November of 2013. Several cities competed for the privilege to host the big event in 2021.

The wise words were spoken during the BIE general meeting in Paris, where the bidding was held, "Dubai is the winner." There were 164 member countries who voted, and Dubai came out on top with a staggering 116 votes. Dubai was the clear victor for the next World Expo, given its strengths in culture, diversity, and infrastructure.

Tickets are now open for purchase!

Senior citizens and anyone with high values are welcome to attend for free. Those who are determined might also offer their carers a 50% discount if they accompany them. The ticket can be used as a day ticket, 3-day ticket, 14-day ticket, or season ticket, and it is valid for the duration of the exhibition.

This event, which was organised by the Arab Social Media Influencer Club (ASMIC) and supported by the Dubai Press Club, took place on the Expo grounds.

There are only around 30 days till the world's most significant performance. The party attempted to convey to its members the significance of the major events held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and other larger locations.

Members were also taught some subtle techniques by a team from Expo 2021 Dubai. Reem bint Ebrahim Al Hashimy, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director General of Expo 2021 Dubai, and Maitha Buhumaid, Director of the Dubai Press Club, were present at the meeting.

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