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Round trip in Dubai

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Isn’t it lovely when you find yourself amongst the large skyscrapers and white sand in Dubai? Well, it definitely is one of the enchanting vacation trips that most could only dream of! Well, why dream of it when you can actually get a lot from this Emirate including landscape, adventure culture, and more than what you could ever imagine. Here is everything about how you can enjoy a round trip in Dubai and how you can enjoy your trip to Dubai!

Days 1 to 4:

During these days once you enter Dubai, you can travel to Bab al Shams Desert Resort where you get to stay while also enjoying camel rides, watching falcons, dune safaris, and nature walks. While this desert resort is one of a kind and you can enjoy staying here the price is also not that cheap for a budget travel.

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 Days 4 to 6:

These are the days when you travel to the Hajar Mountains which are quite unknown to tourists. The town of Hatta is an ideal base for exploring the mountains. It goes past wonderful desert landscapes - and with a little luck you will even see one or the other camel along the way. If you drive directly from Dubai City to Hatta, you should be able to do the route in 2 hours. On the way to Hatta Hatta and the Hajar Mountains have developed into a real playground for outdoor fans in recent years.

The landscape here in Hatta is way far different than the one seen in the busy Dubai city and hence it makes one of the best places to stay during your trip.

What you can do in the Hatta / Hajar Mountains:

HILL PARK: At sunset go to Hill Park and up to the tower there which is of free entry. Enjoy a wonderful view of the mountains!

HERITAGE VILLAGE: Here you take a trip into the past and can walk through a recreated original village.

WADI HUB ADVENTURE PARK: Every outdoor heart beats faster here. There is something suitable for young and old in this adventure park. Rent a mountain bike on site and race over one of the special MTB routes there; try your hand at the climbing park or zoom around a little on the zipline. These are available there in different levels of difficulty and hence it is definitely highly recommended.

KAYAK DRIVING HATTA RESERVOIR: What should not be missing during your visit is a trip to the Hatta Dam with its associated reservoir. On site you can, for example, rent a kayak, pedal boats and much more for a fee. A great change and an even better landscape if you would like to run away from busy cities.

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When staying in Hatta there are two hotels you can try out:

JA Hatta Fort Hotel:

Not only is this place a classic to stay at but it is also comparatively one of the best hotels serving large rooms along with breakfast. You can also play in the pool which is another plus point to the hotel’s features.

Hatta Damini Lodges Resort:

This resort unlike the ones in hotel consists of small, cozy bungalows that will keep you wanting for more. This accommodation is however not recommended for those traveling on budget.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah: The central mosque (Sheikh Zayed Mosque) in Fujairah is particularly impressive, where you should definitely make a small stop. Unfortunately, as a non-Muslim you cannot see it from the inside, but the view from the outside is already more than overwhelming.

 A short stop at the Fujairah Fort and at the Al-Bithnah Fort (just outside) are also recommended.

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Days 6 to 8:

On Day 6, travel back to Dubai via the Emirate of Fujairah. On the way back to Dubai City, it is worth taking a detour across the tiny Emirate of Fujairah, which is about 1 hour's drive from Hatta. By the way, you can move freely within the Emirates. The visa that you received via Dubai E Visa Online is generally valid for the United Arab Emirates.

After you returned to Dubai City on day 6 from your little tour from Hatta via Fujairah, you will now spend two nights in the old town of Dubai, which is located around Dubai Creek. Although most of this "old" Dubai was actually rebuilt, it is still very worth seeing and should definitely not be missing on your Dubai tour. On the seventh day, you should keep the entire day free to explore the old town. The Dubai Museum, a dhow boat trip, a water taxi ride to the spice and gold souk are highly recommended.


This was a guide on the round trip to Dubai and how you can spend your 8 days in Dubai without having to worry about where to travel or what to do!

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