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renewing residency visas sponsored by families for students over 18

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What we know about a residency visa? A residency visa is a document or a card Which is needed in some countries or in some places in order to give the foreign national or the foreign traveller the permission to enter the country. This visa gives the firstly team to stay for either a fixed time or for an indefinite time as per the visa rules. There are actually two types of residence visas the permanent Residence visa and the temporary residence visa and these visas and their rules vary from region to region or from country to country. This residence visa is granted for a number of reasons and the reasons should be valid. The criteria is for which a person can be accepted as a resident of that country is also limited and is dependable.

UAE also gives the facility of a resident visa which allows the foreigners to live in the country for a long period of time as per the rules of the visa. The "UAE residence visa" can be valid for a period of 2 to three years or sometimes even up to 10 years depending upon the need of the person and the extending time of the person who is applying for the visa. There are many such international families who go to UAE and settle down there and go on renewing their residence visa as per their needs. UAE permanent visa is a visa which will be stamped along with the passport.

Dubai E Visa Online will help you By giving you all the kinds of information that you need before you are planning to visit UAE or before you are planning to apply for a residence visa or for the extension of the visa. Even if you need any other detailed information about the residence visa for UAE you can definitely ask your doubts to us. 


How to apply for the Residency Visa? 

You need to follow a simple process for applying for the residency visa

  1. First what you need to do is you need to do the registration at any of the company. 
  2. Then you should get your establishment card or the immigration Document of the company that you had registered for so that you can proceed with your application for the residency visa. 
  3. You should also be sure that you are obtaining the entry permit Which is a prerequisite visa before you are applying for the residence visa in its initial stages. 
  4. You should make sure to make your emirate ID and also you need to undergo the medical test. 
  5. And the very last thing that you need to do is stamping your visa to your passport. 

Note that during the procedure you can stay in your home country. You need to be physically present only when you are undergoing through the medical test and for the stamping of the visa and when you will be given the Emirates ID. Overall process will take five business days. 


How to Renew the Visa?

The process of renewing a visa is much easier than getting or applying for a new visa. What is exactly needed is the medical checkup that you need to do and you also need to renew your Emirates ID. You simply need to come to the medical checkup one or two weeks prior to the expiration date of your visa. After the medical test is done, the reports are sent to the immigration office along with the passport and the visa that will be get renewed. 

What are the requirements for the visa application and renewal?

  • You need to bring the copy of your passport. 
  • You need to take as a proof Certified identity registration extract.
  • You also need to have a recent passport size photograph with white background for the sponsored person. 
  • The sponsor should be affiliated to the government sector. 
  • You should also have your salary certificate as a proof which should be affiliated to the ministry of human resources and Emiratisation. 
  • This visa is granted for one year after a year of your study. 
  • The medical examination that you will be undergoing through must not exceed more than 3 months. 
  • Passport should be valid for more than 6 months. 
  • If the applicant is a female then she should provide with the non marriage certificate or if she is married then she should provide with the marriage certificate. 
  • The identity card application and its validity should not exceed more than 120 days. 


Fees required to pay for the renewal

The fees that is needed to be paid for this kind of renewal for the residency visa is100 AED. 

  • * For Urgent service fee is AED 100
  • * Innovation fee is AED 10
  • * Printing fee is AED 100 

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