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is getting a dubai visa for french guiana nationals possible

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Dubai is a city in the UAE that provides first class treatment to its visitors. If you are from French Guiana, you may find this article on Dubai visa for French Guiana nationals from Dubai E Visa Online useful. 

Dubai is one of the seven municipalities of the UAE, and extremely beautiful and breathtaking to experience. You can celebrate the constant sunshine, sandy deserts and a stunning coastline while being in this amazing city.

Dubai is proud of the law enforcement that it has and the modern society compliments its beauty. It is a safe destination for solo travelers as well as female travelers.


People from different countries have to go through different procedures while applying for a Dubai visa. The French Guiana government maintains a friendly relationship with UAE.

As a citizen of French Guiana e visa is easily applicable online. You just need to visit our website and fill out the application form and you are ready to fly.

The citizens of GCC countries are exempted from visa to the UAE.

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If you are a citizen of French Guiana visa requirements should be checked by you before applying for a visa so you don’t have to handle any last minute hassles. The visa requirements for French Guiana citizens are as follows:

  •         French Guiana passport that should be valid for at least 6 months from the time of your visit.
  •         Passport size photograph that should be recently clicked.
  •         Travel itinerary.
  •         Confirmed flight tickets.
  •         Hotel bookings
  •         A cover letter stating the reasons for visit
  •         Proof of funds in your account

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  •         For experience: Dubai houses some of the record breaking structures filled with world class luxury to tempt your soul. Dubai has a very rich history and a great culture to experience as a tourist. The most exciting feature about the city is how it manages its culture and modern society all together in this fast changing modern world.

You can visit the Al Fahidi fort and experience some amazing artifacts and also interesting stories that go back to the country’s roots. It is also one of Dubai’s oldest structures.

You can also visit the Bastakiya which houses amazing buildings; the wind towers here provide natural air conditioning that is really astonishing. You can walk through the streets and experience the rich culture of the city.

    Apart from that you can experience modern Dubai by visiting the iconic Burj Khalifa and      get a view of the city like no other. You can visit the top view of Burj Khalifa and enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Another lavishly decorated building is the Burj Al Arab. 

  •         For shopping: Dubai shopping festival is a must visit if you are in the city. The festival being tax free is obviously rewarding. You can shop your heart out here and enjoy the time spent.

You can also shop in the souks market and enjoy the tradition that comes with it. Walk through the aromas and get surrounded by gold all around you. The souks of Dubai have the largest spice market as well gold souks.

The modern shopping experience in Dubai lies in the huge malls that it has. The Dubai mall is so huge that you may even get lost in that humongous structure. It also houses an aquarium that is free to enjoy, also an ice rink, and an amusement centre. The Dubai fountain is nearby which is one of the best in the world. One interesting fact about the fountains is that it can also be viewed from the moon.

You can also shop in Dubai during the shopping festivals. Dubai shopping festival offers huge discounts and incomparable bargains. The Dubai summer surprises festival is held every summer and offers discount rates for nearly every product.

  •         Entertainment and adventure: You can enjoy skydiving with the skydive Dubai team and enjoy the thrilling experience. You can view the Palm Jumeirah and also the Dubai marina views right from the top along with the adrenaline rush.

You can also go for Hot air balloon rides and enjoy the aerial view of the Dubai sand dunes. Nature freaks can get a view of the excellent skyline views and sunset and sunshine. It is worth experiencing. The price starts from AED995.

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  •         Experience the world-renowned desert safari here and experience some unforgettable memories in the desert. The activities here include dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding; you can also get a henna tattoo. You can book this activity during day and night both times. Visitors prefer to go there during night to enjoy the belly dancing, shisha, and party with their loved ones.
  •         Enjoy delicious and exotic cuisine in the melting pot of cultures. People from all nationalities enjoy the type of food that this city provides. Large history of trade provides a distinct flavor to the city. You can also buy some special spices from here.
  •         Spend your time in the desert and park doing recreational activities or just relax with the breathtaking view of the sea waves and the colorful horizon.

You can do kite surfing and stand up paddling in the kite beach. This beach is also famous for the view of Burj Khalifa it provides.

The sunset beach, located just near the kite beach provides a clear view of the Arabian gulf. You can enjoy the sunset and relax at peace here.

The Jumeirah Open beach is perfect for jogging, playing, and sunbathing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can, you just have to fill out the application form and pay the visa fee. Your visa will get processed within a few days and you will be ready to fly.

You can apply by following these steps:

  •         Open the website and enter your citizenship (French Guiana) and the country you wish to visit ( UAE)
  •         Select the type of visa that you want and proceed
  •         Fill the application form
  •         Upload all the documents
  •         Pay the fee using a valid payment method

Women traveling alone are a rare sight and you may grab unwanted attention sometime. However, Dubai is extremely safe if you are travelling alone. There are various hotels where there are female only floors allotted to only female travelers.

To extend the duration as a citizen of french guiana immigration centre can be visited by you and apply for an application for visa extension. You will have to wait till your request gets approved.

Hence, Dubai visa for French Guiana nationals is not a difficult task. It could be completed just by filling out an application form at the comfort of your home.

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