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guide to qasr al hosn

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Abu Dhabi – A Desert Marvel

Among the many charms that United Arab Emirates hides within its sandy prestige, Abu Dhabi is a unique oasis that is a blend of the historical and cultural heritage of the drylands and the technological and architectural marvels of the Arabic world. As the capital city of the nation, Abu Dhabi offers several experiences that leave the witnesses smitten and craving for more. The city is home to historical landmarks dating back several centuries, architectural wonders that touch the sky and religious centres that invite devotees from across the world. In this article, we present you the Guide to Qasr al Hosn. So read and find information about this amazing place.


A mixture of Old and New

Located in the coastal outskirts of the city, is one such landmark which belongs to the history of the city and is yet surrounded by modern structures – a perfect symbolization of Abu Dhabi. The Qasr al-Hosn, built in 1761, is the oldest stone building in the city and is an indispensable part of its culture. Built as a watchtower to preserve the only freshwater well in the Abu Dhabi island, the structure was expanded into a small fort to serve as the residence of the ruling Sheikh. Today, the building is a museum, home to several artefacts, weapons and art pieces that represent the cultural history of the region. After years of extensive historical and archaeological research and multiple renovations, the public was given partial access to the building in 2018 and now piques the interest of historians globally. 

The History of Qasr al-Hosn

From a historical perspective, Qasr al-Hosn holds a prestigious place in Abu Dhabi. As a museum, it stands testimony to the progress of the city as it grew from a small oasis led by fishermen to the metropolis that surrounds it. Having served as the royal residence and the seat of the Abu Dhabi government, the echoes of some of the most important decisions in the history of the city still reverberate in the halls of the fort. The archaeological artefacts present in the museum are as old as 6000 BCE which never fails to amaze visitors. In essence, the site has seen the growth of the city of Abu Dhabi from its very origins. 

After several renovations, some as recent as in 1980s, the landmark has been turned into a white fort, a colour which adds on to the aura of the place – something that can only be understood by being present at the place. Additionally, the fort carries an ambience which when viewed against the skyline full of skyscrapers, emits a sense of timelessness. 


Perpetuating the Culture

More impressively, when observed from a cultural perspective, today the site keeps the traditions from the Arabian Nights alive by hosting events throughout the year. Activities such as musical performances, poetry recitation and dances take place that mesmerize the crowds that gather to witness. In particular, Qasr al-Hosn serves as the site for the 250-year-old cultural festival, now named after the fort itself, Qasr al-Hosn festival. The eleven-day event receives international visitors in large numbers who arrive to see the rich heritage of UAE in all its glory. 

Witness the Qasr al-Hosn

Much like any other historical landmark, it is one thing to read about Qasr al-Hosn and another thing entirely to stand amidst the pristine white courtyard of the fort, breathing in its Arabian splendour and experiencing the Arabian nights come alive during the soulful performances. Anyone who has a mind for history, theology or culture will surely find this place on their travel bucket list. 

Further, it is an opportunity to experience the collision of the old world and the new in the city of Abu Dhabi as history of the desert is aligned with the technological advancements fostered by the oasis. The beaches of Marina extend an offer to walk among the clear blue waters of the Persian Gulf, the skyscrapers give lofty views to wonder over while natural parks are an escape into the natural beauty of Abu Dhabi. From historical, to architectural and natural, Abu Dhabi has something beautiful for everyone. 


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