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all you need to know about Dubai Residence Visa for New Born in 2024

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Registering your infant's start in Dubai and getting all of his or her files looked after is quite smooth if you do them step by step. There are time limits, so you may have to plan for some of those; however, you may most effectively begin the maximum of the approaches as soon as your toddler has arrived.

Please make certain you touch the applicable ministry, hospital, and GDRFA earlier than making use of any of the below. This is an informative manual and needs to most effectively be taken as such.

You would like to apply for a "Dubai residency visa for your new-born child" within one hundred twenty days of their arrival. If you are past the deadline, you will have to pay AED100.

This technique is similar to applying for a circle of relatives residency visa:


  • The discern has a Dubai residency visa.
  • The discern has a minimal month-to-month profit of Dhs. 4,000 or Dhs. 3500 with a lodging allowance.

Documents Required for Dubai Residence Visa for New Born:

  • Passport and residency visa page (passport with a minimum of 6 months of validity).
  • Registered Tenancy contract
  • Partner/ Dubai Investor visa holder need to connect Company/Personal Statements for the ultimate six months, Trade Licence Copy list, and MOA
  • Valid Salary Certificate if the sponsor is a government, semi-government, or free sector employee.
  • Valid labour contract (issued through MOHRE) if the sponsor works in the private sector.
  • Recent electricity bill if residence owned through a sponsor (not rented).
  • Child passport (original), 1 passport-length colour photograph, white background (studio type).
  • Birth Certificate (attested).
  • Mother Passport with residency visa copy.
  • Health insurance certificate or card.
  • Dubai Court-attested NOC letter signed through the father.

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Dubai Residence Visa for Kids

A resident can sponsor his son/s most effectively as much as the age of 18. If the son, after the age of 18, is studying inside or outside the UAE, he may receive a scholarship until the age of 21, as long as he provides evidence of reading. However, the son has to come to the UAE at least every six months in order for the scholarship to be legitimate.

In Dubai, ex-pat mothers are able to sponsor their babies residency visas. According to the brand new family visa rules for the UAE, moms searching for sponsorship must have at least AED 4,000 or AED 3000 in earnings plus housing furnished by the employer. If they meet this minimal profit requirement, ex-pat moms might be eligible to sponsor a baby in Dubai.

It’s critical to notice that married, divorced, and unmarried moms can sponsor their baby’s residency visa if they can offer the desired files. However, please bear in mind that the mom isn't always allowed to sponsor her baby’s visa if the daddy lives within the UAE and meets the necessities for 'sponsoring a baby in Dubai'.

Dubai Residence Visa

A UAE residency visa is an approval that lets overseas humans stay on this visa for an extended period of time. The visa may be legitimate for 2-three or maybe 10 years and can be renewed as regularly as someone needs. Many global households residing within the Emirates for generations simply keep renewing their visas regularly.

It is no longer possible to maintain everlasting residency in the United Arab Emirates. Being an everlasting resident in the UAE means having a visa stamp on your passport and residing continuously in this country.

  • The Dubai visa price includes.
  • Consulate fees.
  • Medical insurance (Covers Covid and other things ).
  • Service charges
  • All taxes.

Your Dubai visa (single and multiple entries) might be for ninety-six hours, 14 days, 30 days (quick term), or ninety days (long term), depending on the purpose of your visit and the length of your trip. We are one of the main Dubai Visa Experts, imparting visa offerings at the lowest charges with minimal documentation. Apply for your Dubai visa online, right from your home!

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Dubai Visa On Arrival

The Dubai visa on arrival facility is available to Indian citizens with a valid UK or US visa. However, you will need to pay a fee on the Dubai immigration website if you wish to avail of the facility. If you no longer have a legitimate US or UK visa, you may apply for your Dubai visa online with only a click.

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