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all you need to know about Dubai Expo Exhibitors

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The Arabian singing sensation Kadim Al Sahir will launch the beautiful Infinite Nights series on October 15th at the Dubai World Expo 2021. Dubai wood show exhibitor list 2019 has only a few names, but now Dubai has further widened its horizons.

Limitless Nights will genuinely and tirelessly inspire people's passion and bring people from all over the world together. A big collection of internationally renowned artisans will perform live in Al Wasl Square, attracting people from all over the world.

These high-level artisans will add their distinctive energy, creativity, vision, and quality to the occasion, as well as the opportunity expo, mobility, and sustainability, through creative, "physical" displays and interactions, which will also include first-class entertainment. The topics are complementary to one another. Dubai expo 2020 exhibitors list is further enhanced in 2021.

Here comes the Dubai expo 2021 exhibitor list:

Expo's Infinite Nights

Expo Infinite Nights - A round-the-clock festival featuring some of the world's most talented artists. The distinctive songs of the artisans on the topic of Expo 2020 Dubai in a worldwide celebration full of creativity, variety, and culture are inevitably included in these undeniably thought-provoking displays.

Kadim Sahir, the "Caesar of Arab Song," will raise the flag throughout the area as one of the greatest specialists in the Arab world.

Praise the premier World Expo for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA), which will honour the rich traditions of Arab music under the sub-theme "Opportunity" of Expo 2021, and lead people into the future while performing its best old style Pop music Hit.

Academy of VR

Academy of VR offers classroom classes to teach you how to make virtual and augmented reality apps.

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Act-On Software

Act-On Software Is a marketing automation firm that develops products that help marketers perform at their best. From knowledge and acquisition through retention and loyalty, ActOn is the only integrated workspace that meets the demands of the CMO and the whole marketing department. Marketers may use ActOn to deliver a more tailored client experience, improve business results, and increase CLV.


With AIChat, organizations can easily manage chatbots in major messaging apps to automate customer service, sales, and marketing operations. Our firm has offices in Singapore and Indonesia and employs a varied staff of digital marketing professionals, conversation designers, and artificial intelligence specialists. Experts assist companies in developing successful chatbot strategies that boost engagement and ROI.

AMA Los Angeles

AMA Los Angeles represents some of the largest firms in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The AMA has a 75-year history and is the biggest marketing organisation in North America. This is the place to be if you want to join the local marketing community.

ArcaMax Publishing

ArcaMax Publishing iis a well-known news and syndication service provider. Every day, ArcaMax sends out hundreds of features to millions of email subscribers. ArcaMax's revenue is derived by advertising, which allows readers to access all material for free.


Artefact is a digital marketing agency that combines marketing with engineering to deliver a winning solution. The firm collaborates with some of the world's biggest brands to use cutting-edge technology to reimagine customer service. With over 1,000 people and 25 offices in 17 countries/regions, the firm offers three services: data consultancy, digital marketing expertise, and technology development (big data and artificial intelligence).

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Automation Ninjas

Automation Ninjas is a business consulting firm that specialises in automation marketing. We are the only company that combines automated marketing with buyer psychology. You can attract new consumers and clients by combining buyer psychology with marketing automation. You can count on a pleased and engaged audience if you use our industry-leading tactics. All of this translates to more prospects and customers, higher revenues, and less wasted time.


BenQ is a prominent provider in the commercial and educational vertical sectors, as well as the world's largest maker of electrical devices. BenQ's brand promise is to "bring excellence and happiness to life," and the company delivers on that promise by offering cutting-edge technology that can withstand the most demanding work settings. BenQ is also Google Jamboard's official global distributor. Collaborative whiteboard with a 55-inch 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) display. Jamboard's user-friendly design and touch screen technologies make corporate communication more natural and uninhibited.This whiteboard experience may come to life with a dramatic visual impact with the help of Google Cloud Platform.

BOLD Worldwide 

BOLD Worldwide  is a New York-based advertising firm that links businesses with individuals interested in sports, fitness, and lifestyle. BOLD uses a blend of video, digital, and social marketing to get actual business outcomes. BOLD is dedicated to pushing the technical envelope and was one of the first marketing firms to employ 360° virtual reality video successfully.

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Capture Pod

The Capture Pod is a curved photo booth that is meant to capture your attention, make you grin, and keep you entertained in style. Think of the POD as a mini-photo studio for your events, complete with professional DSLR cameras, gorgeous lighting systems, and a variety of trendy backgrounds to select from.


Expo 2021 will provide you with a look into a thrilling experience. At the world's largest exposition, you can see our projects, partners, attractions, pavilions, events, news, and more.

Dubai muscle show exhibitor list includes adebody fitness activewear, Aesthetix Era, Al Ain Zero, etc.

Dubai boat show exhibitor list has superyacht avenue, superyachts at the show, dealers meet and ESS and a lot more exciting shows.

2021 exhibitor list already includes all the names that were previously there as exhibitors in Dubai expo 2020.

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