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complete guide to Dubai EXPO 2021 Duration

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Dubai EXPO is definitely one of the highly anticipated events in the year 2021. If you haven’t yet booked your tickets or if you are new to this event let us, take a look at what this event is all about and why Dubai EXPO is one of the events you need to attend at least once.

With its grandeur venue and its fantabulous list of participants ranging right from Bjarke Ingels Group, Foster+ Partners and even Grimshaw displaying one of the famous architects works, you are sure to get some of the best ever seen events!

EXPO 2020 Ceremony:

EXPO being conducted in Dubai is going to leave an unforgettable legacy and that is for sure. Not only is the EXPO that the whole of Dubai is preparing for. It will also harbor the development of the knowledge economy in Dubai that will be passed on to the visitors who arrive even after the EXPO ends. This event will also include strategic industries, education facilities, specialized technology companies and even social entities. All these will be contributing to the overall development of not only EXPO as an event but will also help grow Dubai in the coming years.

The EXPO 2020 is not a one-time event and is here to stay for the future and will serve as both the attraction and the place where each generation can learn from.

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The theme of EXPO 2020:

There will not only be a single theme like it used to be in the previous years but there will be a total of three connecting themes that will be the part of this event. The three themes that are going to be seen by a lot of visitors in this EXPO will be:

1. Sustainability:

This theme has been selected with the sustainable practices that we as humans need to keep in mind. This will prove that there can be progress in the future which will not compromise the life necessities while also tending to the needs of the future generations.

2. Mobility:

Be it physical or virtual there ought to be more efficient mobility which helps people around the world to communicate without any boundaries.

3. Opportunities that will help out and favor the lives of future people.

Logo of EXPO 2020:

The logo is a fascination one that came from the inspiration from a ring that was found at a 4,000-year-old archaeological site in the Al Marmum area in Dubai. This was decided after long consideration about the cultural and historical aspects of Dubai. According to Sheikh Mohamed this ring represents the civilization that has been deeply rooted in the heart of the citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

The reveal of the logo was one of the main events that was anticipated. The logo was revealed by Sheikh Mohammed last year and was displayed on Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world.

Duration of Dubai EXPO 2020:

The entire event is expected to go around for an expo duration of six months within which the exhibition will be open to those who have bought the tickets to this event. If you are yet to buy the tickets log onto the main site and buy the tickets now.

The event will start with the Dubai EXPO 2020 Opening Ceremony that will be held in Jebel Ali and will be one of the grandest and main attraction of the event. One thing that remains sure is that no two days will be the same here at the Dubai EXPO.

The entertainment line-up includes:

  • Oscar-winning Maestro AR Rahman
  • Bollywood heartthrob Sonam Kapoor
  • Emirati singer Ahlam

Apart from these prominent figures, there will also be the EXPO Beats program which will be a monthly music festival.

The pass that allows unlimited entry for six months which is the duration of the event is charged at a cost of AED 495 (USD 135) apart from which you can also stand a chance to win the Opening Ceremony draw.

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Emirates Golden Jubilee:

For the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, this EXPO is not only an event that will go down in the history but is also an event that is being celebrated along with the golden jubilee of the establishment of the Emirates.

This means that this EXPO is going to be a full package of technology exhibition, entertainment, knowledge, latest innovations display and even beautiful cultural shows and ideas like never seen before!

Get your "Dubai EXPO 2020" tickets now and gain a chance to attend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will forever go down in the history.

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