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abu dhabi creative visa scheme

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A long-term visa that targets to promote and help across multiple domains within the emirates heritage and creative sectors. The Abu Dhabi creative Visa Scheme is open to a very broad range of talented individuals. The professional artists living in this Creative Visa will be present at the international art centre, art plataforms, and a grassroots artistic culture of world-class museums, community and performances. The Visa is not only for artists but also for people in gaming and esports, media, and also publishing. The government of Abu Dhabi has launched this visa scheme for increasing the opportunities for residency and employment in Abu Dhabi for people across the other nationalities too.

This is an on-record statement from the Chairman of DCT Abu Dhabi-Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak said that Abu Dhabi is not bound to nurture the talent and to extend the resources not just within Abu Dhabi but also from other regions and across the world. He also said that this system would be beneficial for attracting innovative ideas and creativity to Abu Dhabi, as the Creative Visa scheme will provide participants access to world-class facilities in Abu Dhabi as well as a safe working environment for families and individuals.

This Visa helps and supports individuals who are in the creative field and want to take advantage of all facilities from the scheme and grow more into innovations. This creative ecosystem plays a very crucial role in all their lives; they are also bound to help and promote more and more practitioners and professionals. Abu Dhabi is a place wherein cultural heritage and creativity, where their culture is an important part of social and economic development. Their main motive is promoting this scheme globally so that they continue working on it with full swing and agility in the creative and culture-based sectors.

Dubai culture visa is mainly developed for more and more opportunities in the field of creativity and Art globally. This Dubai Cultural Visa is also working as a bridge between global culture talents and an extravagant platform towards recognizing them and seeing them succeed, and bringing the creative field to light. This will also help contribute the cultural Art and literature to the new heights economy as well as attract and bring powerful talent and skills from across the world to Dubai. It is not very easy to get a cultural or literary visa. Read below are the criteria and documents to fulfill.


Cultural Visa 

There is a set of criteria that a person has to fall under to qualify for a Cultural Visa:

  1. The individual applying for the Visa should have an art career that should not be less than ten years.
  2. They should be in the capacity of presenting a unique artistic production in the field they have specialized in, or they are specializing in currently.
  3. They should have mandatorily contributed three years and more in their field of interest.

Documents needed for a cultural Visa

  • Apply for the Services
  • Passport and visa copies
  • Emirates ID copy
  • An updated resume of the applicant
  • Contact number and email ID
    1. You will then receive the notification via email or the contact number shared during registration.
    2. Permit issuance
    3. You will have to follow up with the concerned authority to issue the long-term residence Visa service delivery channel on
  • Literature Applicants
    1. They should also not have a career of fewer than ten years in their specialization.
    2. They should be capable of presenting a unique literary production in their field of creative writing, story, Novel, Poetry, etc.


The Start-up Culture

The entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their own business in a much more creative way can also take advantage of a highly start-up-friendly surrounding. The benefits come along with access to funding, promotion, and incentives for growing ventures; this is what the DCT said.

The authorities also added that Abu Dhabi is a very safe and family-friendly place to stay and has also grown into a world-class healthcare system that is supported to keep the residents and citizens of Abu Dhabi healthy as well as public and private schools and also universities are built. 

So this was all about Abu Dhabi creative Visa Scheme that you must know about. For more details about the Dubai Visa and to get the visa visit Dubai E Visa Online.

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